Why I need to wear a jacket

At the moment, I always wear a jacket or flannel when I go outside or interact with anyone in person. I do this mostly to conceal any of the physical changes from my transition and so far it has been successful. Nobody has commented on any of the changes (to be fair, I work from home and am currently social distancing. Not a lot of people have seen me in 3 months.). Recently, I had a pretty good reminder of why I should always wear a jacket.

I was on a facetime call with some college friends of mine the other day, when I got this reminder. I had started the call wearing a jacket, however it was over 100 degrees and my air conditioning is pretty lackluster. I was probably about an hour into the call when I started burning up, so I instinctively took the jacket off. I don’t think I had even realized that I had done it. About 5-10 minutes go by and I happen to glance at my own square in the video chat. It is bad. They were poking through my shirt and were incredibly noticeable. I quickly threw the jacket back on and started looking at the other people in the call to see if they had noticed. As far as I could tell, nobody noticed. Maybe the small squares made it less noticeable. Still, it taught me an important lesson: If I want to keep my transition hidden, I need to be a lot more careful.

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