About Me

Who am I?

I am a closeted trans woman living in the south-eastern United States. I came to the realization that I was transgender while I was attending college, however it was not until several years after graduating in late 2019 that I decided to start hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and transition. Unfortunately, because the United States medical system does everything in its power to prevent transition, it took me another 6 months before I was able to get prescribed hormones. And so, in the summer of 2020, I took my first dose of estrogen and started both the scariest and most exciting adventure of my entire life.

I have several interests and hobbies. I love movies of every genre except horror (I am a huge coward). I am a voracious reader and will read almost any genre of book, fiction or non-fiction. When I am not reading or watching a movie, I enjoy playing video games, almost entirely single player. Besides those hobbies, I enjoy cooking, baking, and gardening. I all honesty, I am pretty awful at keeping plants alive though.

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Book: If Cats Disappeared From The World
  • Favorite Movie: Little Women
  • Favorite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts 2, Runescape, and Civilization 5
  • Cats or dogs: Cats, dogs scare me
  • Coffee or Tea: Both, coffee before lunch and tea afterwards.

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