Watching progress disappear

I remember a few years ago when trans rights (and frankly trans people’s existence) were brought to the fore by North Carolina’s bathroom bill. H.B 2 (a name that is still burned into my mind all these years later) restricted trans people to bathrooms that matched their birth certificates. I was a few years intoContinue reading “Watching progress disappear”

The unique cruelty of legislation targeting trans youth

The last few months have seen a massive wave of anti-transgender legislation focused on restricting the rights of trans kids. While often drafted and passed under the pretense of “protecting kids”, these bills are inflicting real and significant harm.

Anxiety and Elections

Warning: this post is about American politics. I have spent yesterday and today resisting the urge to refresh NPR’s election map every five minutes. I was prepared for the results but I wasn’t prepared for it to be this close. I am astounded that it is this close. It feels like a betrayal. At theContinue reading “Anxiety and Elections”