Is educating cis people worth it?

Last weekend, I found myself in an unfortunate predicament. An old friend from college who I had not seen (and barely spoken to) in nearly a year was in town and wanted to meet up. He and his wife had made a day trip to meet and catch up, without checking with me beforehand. ThisContinue reading “Is educating cis people worth it?”

The hassle of updating my name everywhere

Around 2 months ago, I got my name legally changed. This was a more difficult task than I had anticipated, largely due to the incompetence of the circuit court, however, I thought that would be the end of it. Instead, over two months out I am still trying to get my name changed on allContinue reading “The hassle of updating my name everywhere”

Struggles with bathroom access

Since coming out and beginning to present as a woman full-time, bathrooms have been a recurring issue. I am not comfortable using the men’s room at this point, especially if I feel like I am passing. However, I am too nervous to use the women’s room either, for fear of being harassed for doing so.Continue reading “Struggles with bathroom access”

I am hesitant to transition on social media

Four weeks ago, I came out as transgender at my job. Since then, I have been out and presenting full-time and in general, it has gone well. At this point, my family, friends, and my job know that I am trans. However, I haven’t changed any of my social media. I don’t use them much,Continue reading “I am hesitant to transition on social media”

My first week out at work went well, but I feel awful

This was my first full week being out and presenting as a woman at work and I don’t think it could have gone much better. In general, everyone was fairly accepting and used my new name and pronouns without issue. There was some unavoidable awkwardness and just plain weirdness but it went well. However, whileContinue reading “My first week out at work went well, but I feel awful”

A finalized plan coming out at work

I moved apartments two weeks ago and as a result have been without internet for two weeks, which has not sucked in the slightest. As a result, I have been unable to post anything. However, this time has not been uneventful in my transition. During that time, I have had a couple of meetings withContinue reading “A finalized plan coming out at work”