Gender affirmation at an unfortunate time

In recent weeks, I have been trying to get out more. Due to coronavirus and my gender transition, I spent most of the last year isolated in my apartment. Now that things are starting to return to normal and I am vaccinated, I am slowly trying to get more comfortable going out into the worldContinue reading “Gender affirmation at an unfortunate time”

Reconsidering coming out at work

I started my new job this week and I am already fed up with hiding my gender transition. Doing so at this stage in my transition has proven to be both physically uncomfortable and emotionally taxing. Wearing a compression sports bra for 8 hours straight is painful and leaves me feeling sore by the endContinue reading “Reconsidering coming out at work”

Should I disclose my gender identity while job hunting?

I have been applying for jobs recently and it had led to an odd dilemma. Every single job that I apply for asks for my gender (for diversity purposes, I guess). So far I have always entered male since I am not out yet, but I have been reconsidering this plan. I am not aContinue reading “Should I disclose my gender identity while job hunting?”

Week 27 update: A month of higher dosage

It has been about a month since I started a higher estrogen dosage, and it appears to have been a great success. Increasing my dosage seems to have unstalled several feminizing effects of HRT. Unfortunately, I will not know how this new dosage has affected my hormone levels until my next HRT appointment, which isContinue reading “Week 27 update: A month of higher dosage”

The burden of doubt

Over the past few weeks, I have been plagued with doubt regarding my transition. This is not unusual, I have had my periods of doubt before. These doubts seems to return every time that I reach a major milestone in my transition. I had the same period of doubting when I hit 3 month. IContinue reading “The burden of doubt”