Gender roles, stereotypes, and cis passing

I have always felt restricted by gender roles. Growing up, my family was very conservative. As a “boy”, I was expected to be and act a certain way. I chafed against these restrictions growing up, and it took a toll on my mental health. Much of this in-congruence with male gender roles was likely aContinue reading “Gender roles, stereotypes, and cis passing”

I have forgotten how to hold a conversation

I have been working from home since early this year and it has been great. It has certainly made my gender transition easier. I don’t have to worry about hiding the HRT changes if I never have to see anyone. I was also able to go through the emotional changes from HRT privately rather thanContinue reading “I have forgotten how to hold a conversation”

Progesterone : Quite a headache

About a week and a half ago, I started taking progesterone. I am currently taking 100 mg daily, which seems to be the standard starting dosage. I didn’t quite know what to expect from adding progesterone and so far the only effect has been headaches. Lots of headaches. I had my first headache about 3-4Continue reading “Progesterone : Quite a headache”

The unresponsiveness of transgender healthcare

I am frustrated and have been for the last couple of weeks. The source of this frustration is my most recent lab results and my hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic’s response to them. At my last appointment, I discussed possibly changing my HRT regiment if my HRT levels were not at the proper ranges. MyContinue reading “The unresponsiveness of transgender healthcare”

Two books and a website that helped me discover my gender identity

I came to the realization that I was a trans woman through what I feel is a pretty odd route. I always knew that something wasn’t “normal” (at least according to society) about myself, but I was never able to give it a label. I was ultimately turn to books and the internet to acquire an understanding of my gender identity.