Tax season and my name change

Ever since legally changing my name 5 months ago, I have been working to change it everywhere. Aside from a few key places, banks mostly, I thought that I had done so. One of the reasons that I had rushed was to finish updating my name before the start of tax season. I wanted to ensure that my tax documents would reflect my new name, as them not matching will cause serious issues. I started getting tax documents in the mail a few weeks ago and unfortunately, I found out that I had missed some places.

The problem with not having my new name on all my tax documents is that it prevents me from filing my taxes. Shortly after getting my name changed, I updated it with the social security administration so that I could get a new social security card. This was a necessary step, but it has created this problem. The name on my social security card and on my tax documents have to match or they will get rejected. Despite my best efforts to change my name to avoid this, I missed two places: my previous employee and the unemployment office.

In my defense, only one of these places is actually my fault. I updated my name with my previous employer at the beginning of January, but they still sent me a W2 with the wrong name. I am trying to get them to send a corrected version, however, they have delayed doing so. On the other hand, the unemployment office was my fault. I had completed forgotten about them until the W2 for my unemployment arrived. I have spent the last two weeks trying to correct it, however, it turns out the process for doing so is awful. I should be able to update my name online, except their website has been down for maintenance for the last month. The only other option is to call, but when I try I am never able to speak to a person. Instead, I wait on hold for 40+ minutes before getting disconnected and having to start the process over. It is absolutely the worst system for updating my name that I have seen yet.

While it was often frustrating, I did manage to update my legal name with most places where it mattered. Missing the unemployment office was a mistake, one that I am currently paying for. They were awful to deal with when I was trying to collect unemployment, they are even worse for name changes. Fortunately, I have plenty of time still. Ideally, they fix their website because I am getting frustrated dealing with the automated phone line. If not, I just have to hope that I will eventually get through to a person.

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