Is educating cis people worth it?

Last weekend, I found myself in an unfortunate predicament. An old friend from college who I had not seen (and barely spoken to) in nearly a year was in town and wanted to meet up. He and his wife had made a day trip to meet and catch up, without checking with me beforehand. ThisContinue reading “Is educating cis people worth it?”

The hassle of updating my name everywhere

Around 2 months ago, I got my name legally changed. This was a more difficult task than I had anticipated, largely due to the incompetence of the circuit court, however, I thought that would be the end of it. Instead, over two months out I am still trying to get my name changed on allContinue reading “The hassle of updating my name everywhere”

Struggles with bathroom access

Since coming out and beginning to present as a woman full-time, bathrooms have been a recurring issue. I am not comfortable using the men’s room at this point, especially if I feel like I am passing. However, I am too nervous to use the women’s room either, for fear of being harassed for doing so.Continue reading “Struggles with bathroom access”

I am hesitant to transition on social media

Four weeks ago, I came out as transgender at my job. Since then, I have been out and presenting full-time and in general, it has gone well. At this point, my family, friends, and my job know that I am trans. However, I haven’t changed any of my social media. I don’t use them much,Continue reading “I am hesitant to transition on social media”