Week 30 update: a few good weeks

The last couple of weeks have been quite positive in terms of my transition. The headaches from the progesterone seem to have gone away, and I am experiencing plenty of changes.

The most important change has been the disappearance of my headaches. I started getting headaches shortly after starting progesterone. I would experience them almost every other day, and they would typically last the whole day. Around 3 weeks after starting the progesterone, the headaches stopped. It has been almost 2 weeks without any headaches, which is a very positive development. I am assuming that the headaches were a side effect of my progesterone levels gradually rising to a new baseline, but I am honestly just guessing. Frankly, I am just happy that the headaches are gone.

These last few weeks have also seen considerable physical changes. Most of the physical changes seem to occur in sudden spurts (it is probably gradual, but I only notice it in spurts). Nothing seems to happen for a while, then one morning an old shirt or pair of pants suddenly no longer fit. Both breast development and fat redistribution went through these spurts recently. I had increased chest sensitivity for the past month or so, but it was only recently that I actually noticed any change. A flannel shirt that I had used to hide any chest growth previously was suddenly no longer sufficient for that task. Fat redistribution has been more limited in the last few weeks. There is definite change (some pants are tighter than previously), but nothing as noticeable as the breast development.

I also restarted voice training a few weeks ago. I had given up on it early in my transition after getting discouraged. I had been unable to perform the basic voice training exercises at the time and got very frustrated. I recently started trying to voice train again and figured out a way past my earlier issues. I was able to hold a swallow if I use water instead of trying it dry. This opened up the possibility for me to get better at it and has given me a pathway forward with voice training, something that I did not have before.

The last few weeks have been very positive. Not only have my headaches gone away, but I had substantial physical changes and started voice training again. All I need now is to get my hormone levels correct. I have my next HRT appointment in early January. I am hoping that my hormone levels will be in the proper ranges at that time (and that they aren’t too upset about me unilaterally changing my dosage).

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