Week 32 update: Making it all line up

My current transition challenge is making everything line up. I would like for all of the disparate parts of my transition: the HRT changes, voice training, hair, and the legal aspects to all be ready when I come out. It’s like I am hosting a dinner and want all the dishes and courses to beContinue reading “Week 32 update: Making it all line up”

To share, or not to share

For the last two to three months, I have been debating coming out to one of my relatives. I am reluctant to do so, it would run counter to my original plan of not coming out until around the 2-year mark. However, having someone who is aware of my situation would solve several small issuesContinue reading “To share, or not to share”

Gender roles, stereotypes, and cis passing

I have always felt restricted by gender roles. Growing up, my family was very conservative. As a “boy”, I was expected to be and act a certain way. I chafed against these restrictions growing up, and it took a toll on my mental health. Much of this in-congruence with male gender roles was likely aContinue reading “Gender roles, stereotypes, and cis passing”

I have forgotten how to hold a conversation

I have been working from home since early this year and it has been great. It has certainly made my gender transition easier. I don’t have to worry about hiding the HRT changes if I never have to see anyone. I was also able to go through the emotional changes from HRT privately rather thanContinue reading “I have forgotten how to hold a conversation”

Week 30 update: a few good weeks

The last couple of weeks have been quite positive in terms of my transition. The headaches from the progesterone seem to have gone away, and I am experiencing plenty of changes. The most important change has been the disappearance of my headaches. I started getting headaches shortly after starting progesterone. I would experience them almostContinue reading “Week 30 update: a few good weeks”

Progesterone : Quite a headache

About a week and a half ago, I started taking progesterone. I am currently taking 100 mg daily, which seems to be the standard starting dosage. I didn’t quite know what to expect from adding progesterone and so far the only effect has been headaches. Lots of headaches. I had my first headache about 3-4Continue reading “Progesterone : Quite a headache”