Week 24 update: a week of a higher dosage

One week ago, I increased my estradiol dosage from 6 to 8 mg in response to poor hormone levels (more on that decision here: The unresponsiveness of transgender healthcare). While it is likely too early to see any effects from this increased dosage, I have noticed some two changes nonetheless. I suspect that these changes may just be an example of the placebo effect, however, I can’t say for certain. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that an adjustment to HRT dosages or medication can quickly restart some aspects of transition. So it may be possible that these are early indicators of how the new dosage will work out.

First, my breast development has unstalled. I have been concerned for the last month because my breast development seemed to have stopped. My breast growth had stopped almost completely and my breast sensitivity was way down. Within a few days of starting the increased dosage, my breast sensitivity began to return. It has not reached the highest levels that I have experienced, but they are definitely more sensitive than they have been for at least a month. This increased sensitivity has not yet resulted in visible breast growth, it is a good indicator that I am experiencing increased breast development.

The other change is that I generally feel happier. It is difficult to compare levels of happiness, but subjectively I have just felt better since increasing my HRT dosage. Some of this can probably be attributed to having decided on my dosage; I am no longer mentally and emotionally burdened by that decision. However, I feel like it is more than that. I have never felt like HRT changed what I think or feel, it just makes me feel everything more. All of my emotional states are more vivid, more real, than they were before HRT. They are the same feelings as before, just more intense. This new dosage has increased that emotional vividness even more. While this increased happiness is nice, it is also likely temporary. It is likely a result of the sudden spike in estrogen and will probably mellow out as my levels stabilize.

So, this makes six months of Hormone Replacement Therapy. I have some mixed feelings about this milestone. I am both happy with the progress so far yet disappointed that I haven’t seen more change. The issue with my hormone levels and the need to DIY my dosage probably doesn’t help either. I intend to write a more extensive analysis of these last six months and my feelings about them in the next week or so once I get my thoughts in order.

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