Week 20 progress: 5 months of HRT

A couple weeks ago, I had to go into my workplace for the first time since I started hormone replacement therapy. Like many people, I have been working from home for several months, only having to go into the office after hours. I was a little worried. This would be the first time that my coworkers would see me outside of a video screen since starting HRT. I was certain that someone would notice the changes. They didn’t. The changes that I can’t not notice went completely unseen. I guess if you don’t know what to look for, you won’t see the changes.

There has only been one major change in the last couple of weeks: I have gotten a little shorter. I first noticed that some of my pants were getting a little too long, but I shrugged it off as a coincidence. However, the next time I drove my car, I noticed that I could no longer comfortably reach my gas pedal. That prompted some more investigation. After some quick measurements, it appears that I have lost between half and one inch of height (it is really hard to measure your own height). I knew it was possible for HRT to affect my height, but I didn’t expect it to happen. Reports from other trans women makes it seem like an uncommon effect and I was already fairly short. While unexpected, I am quite happy with this change to my height.

There have not been any other major changes in the past 2 weeks. Fat redistribution and breast development continues, but I have not noticed any difference. My breast and chest tenderness has been all over the place. There have been days where I experience no breast tenderness and then days where they are incredibly sensitive. I am uncertain why this is happening, I have not experienced this previously. I am concerned that there may be something up with my E2 levels, I have not had a blood test in almost three months. I am due for one in the next few weeks, so I should soon know if my hormone levels are in the proper ranges.

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