6 odd moments of joy from HRT

I don’t think that most people would describe HRT or gender transition as a fun experience. It is a second puberty with all of the awkwardness and stress that it entails. But it is not a wholly negative experience (contrary to what some of my other writing may indicate). Transition and HRT are filled with plenty of moments of joy. Here are a six from my experience:

  • Getting excited when you wake up with chest pain.
  • Doing a double take when I don’t completely recognize my reflection.
  • Having to adjust my driver seat because I could no longer reach the gas pedal.
  • A good cry when you need it (I can’t emphasize enough how nice being able to cry is).
  • Being told by friends and coworkers that I look “younger”.
  • Bumping into corners and furniture because I am not used to my body’s changes.

2 thoughts on “6 odd moments of joy from HRT

  1. I looked far younger for my age before transitioning. Now it’s a “it depends” thing for me—in headgear, I still retain my youthful appearance. I have horseshoe hair (think Larry Page or George Constanza—and I look my age, if not older. And every few weeks when I do a complete facial shave…it’s always a double take in the mirror. 😂

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