Two books and a website that helped me discover my gender identity

I came to the realization that I was a trans woman through what I feel is a pretty odd route. I always knew that something wasn’t “normal” (at least according to society) about myself, but I was never able to give it a label. I was ultimately turn to books and the internet to acquire an understanding of my gender identity.

Week 20 progress: 5 months of HRT

A couple weeks ago, I had to go into my workplace for the first time since I started hormone replacement therapy. Like many people, I have been working from home for several months, only having to go into the office after hours. I was a little worried. This would be the first time that myContinue reading “Week 20 progress: 5 months of HRT”

Week 18 HRT effects: Physical and emotional changes

I am two week away from 5 months on hormone replacement therapy. It certainly has not felt like 5 months, the time has flown by. That is a pretty new experience for me, time dragged prior to HRT. There is not a lot new to say regarding physical changes. Breast development and fat redistribution haveContinue reading “Week 18 HRT effects: Physical and emotional changes”