Week 16 HRT effects: slow but steady

There have not been a ton of changes these past two weeks. The standard effects of HRT, fat redistribution and breast development, have continued but not much else has changed.

Fat redistribution has continued to my hips and thighs. I didn’t realize just how much they had changed until I bought some new pants. I recently ordered some new jeans in my usual size, only to find that they were tighter than I anticipated . They were too narrow for my hips and behind. Interestingly, my waist has narrowed at the same time as my hips have widened, so I have a pretty good idea where the fat is coming from. It is odd to see a semblance of an hourglass figure when I look in the mirror, but I see it as an improvement.

Breast development has also continued. I recently measured them and determined that I am almost at a B-cup (in terms of sheer measurements, they are not full enough need to a bra yet). They have not started to fill out, so they are very conical in shape. They are also not even, my left breast is noticeably larger than my right. Both of these traits are typical of trans woman (and some cis women), and hopefully they will correct themselves to some extent with time. I am still early into my transition, so I am not concerned. I am just happy that they are continuing to develop.

It is interesting how quickly one can get used to the effects of HRT. In only a few months, I have gone from not having breasts to having near B-cups. Even my body shape is starting to change. Yet, while I am excited, it is also kinda normal. Maybe that is just more evidence that I am trans. A cis person would experience dysphoria from these kind of changes, but these changes have been a positive influence on my mental health. Mentally and emotionally, I feel better than I ever did prior to starting HRT. Transition has been nothing but good so far.

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