Week 12 HRT update and a very late prescription refill

First things first, my pharmacy finally refilled my HRT prescription on Saturday. That is one week from the original predicted refill date and 6 days after my hormones “ran out”. The pharmacy actually cancelled my refill on Thursday, saying that the delay and cancellation was because my doctor needed to prescribe an alternative medication. Of course, the pharmacy never told me about this or actually reached out to my doctor, so I don’t know how anyone was supposed to resolve it. And perhaps more importantly, there is not an alternative medication for estrogen. Once I knew what was holding up the refill, it was pretty quick to resolve it. However, they refused to say why they could not refill my prescription for a whole week and never reached out to my doctor to resolve the issue. And despite all this fuss from the pharmacy, nothing actually changed. All those delays and obstacles for them to give me my original prescription, which they were able to fill the whole time.

As for HRT changes, I have not seen anything major in the past week. Breast development and fat redistribution to the hips continues. I am amazed at how much progress there has been in these areas in only 3 months. Unfortunately, the fat redistribution has yet to have any effect on my face. It is still early however, so I am not too concerned.

The biggest changes that I have noticed this week are worse bruising and some emotional instability. So far, I have not seen any change to the frequency at which I get bruises, something that is widely reported among MTF transgender people. Rather when I do get a bruise, they are larger and last for a long time. An event that would normally cause a small, localized bruise, such as banging my arm on a counter, now extends far beyond the impact site and lasts for over a week. My last blood test left a bruise for almost 2 weeks. This is a pretty unassuming change, but it does indicate that HRT is affecting my skin.

The other change is to my emotional state. This past week, I have found myself crying a lot and often for no reason. This is fairly new to me, as prior to HRT I was almost completely incapable of crying. Prior to HRT, even if I felt like I needed or wanted to cry I could not. Now, I am crying fairly often and for no reason. So far it has not been a problem, as it has only occurred when I am alone or at home. It is actually pretty nice being able to cry for once. I just wish it wouldn’t happen so randomly.

I also feel like I am becoming more scatterbrained. I have been having a harder time focusing and keep struggling to find things that right in front of me. I don’t believe that this is a result of HRT, but rather of the stress and anxiety from my transition. It might not even be related to my transition, we are living in a pandemic after all. I have been working from home for a long time, and it is likely affecting my mental state. There are too many potential causes to blame my poor focus on any one.

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