Pharmacy update: Still no hormones

On Sunday, I wrote about the issues that I have been having with my pharmacy (For context: The pharmacy keeps delaying my hormones). That was also the day that I “ran out” of estrogen (I have been filling the gap with my stockpile of grey-market estrogen). On Sunday, the pharmacy was already 3 days late and they were predicting that it would still take another 2 days. Even if they hit that target date, I would still be without estrogen for 3 day. They didn’t hit the target date.

As of right now, I have no idea when I will get my HRT refill. They will not give me a new quote for when I can expect it by. I cannot even speak with a person! All I get every time is a robo-system that tells me my prescription is still “in process”. This isn’t some rare or unusual medication. Estrogen is prescribed for a variety of reasons other than transgender hormone therapy. It is used to treat menopause, to prevent osteoporosis, and even to treat some cancers. I can’t imagine them delaying someone’s cancer treatment for almost a week, twice in a row!

Ultimately, this does not affect me very much due to my preexisting stockpile, but most trans people can’t do that. Building a reserve of hormones in that matter is relatively expensive, which can put it out of reach for many trans people. I paid 10 times more per estrogen pill importing them than I currently pay at the pharmacy. And even if you can afford it, once you are out of hormones, it is already too late. Importing hormones takes a while, my hormones took over a month to arrive. If you don’t already have a stockpile when your pharmacy decides to withhold them, your import order probably won’t arrive in time to avoid going without.

At the end of the day, having a stockpile of privately sourced hormones is a solution to a problem that should not exist. We should not have to worry that a transphobic pharmacist can restrict our access to life saving medication. Because that is what hormone replacement therapy is. It isn’t cosmetic and it isn’t elective, it is necessary and life saving. And no one, no matter the basis of their beliefs (looking at you religious liberty laws), should be able to deny trans people treatment.

I am hoping that my pharmacy will hurry up and fill my prescription soon. We will see how long they can delay me.

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