Tears now flow

I may have been premature in my earlier statement that I have not experienced any emotional changes. I don’t feel any different mentally and have not noticed any changes in my thinking but I am now being brought to tears by the smallest hint of sadness. I am finding it impossible to watch any television show or read any book without crying at least once. This is pretty odd for me, because prior to starting Estrogen, I could not cry even if I wanted to. The oddest part is how quick it happened. I did not even tear up when a major character died on a TV show I was watching, however when I watched the next episode two days later, I cried during the recap when reminded of his death.

At this point, This increased emotionalness is still limited to crying. Other than these bouts of tears when watching TV or reading books, my emotions are pretty muted. This new propensity for tears does not seem to extend beyond entertainment either, sad things in the news or that I hear don’t trigger tears. That may change with time, I have only been on HRT for 5 weeks.

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